Restoring a Yamaha Superaxe Case

Restoring an original Yamaha Superaxe Case to its former glory, well supposedly…

Summary of work done: removed stickers, tightened latches and replaced one latch. Removed old cloth and replaced with similar colour fake fur. Rebuilt storage compartment and neck rest. Glued loose tolex back into place where applicable and gave it a good clean.

This was a laborious job and certainly not worth doing from a financial point of view.

I am very happy with the end result, the case looks really good, and hopefully will last another 40 years.

Plenty of photos below to put you off attempting a similar project.

The guitar case as I got it:

01 Original Condition (Eds Case 1) 02 Original Condition Inside DSCN2009 03 Original Condition DSCN2004 04 Original Condition  DSCN2006

Stickers removed:

05 Stickers Removed DSC_3330

Stripping the original cloth and dismantling the storage compartment; Also repaired the piece that was cut out by a previous owner…

06 Stripped and fixed DSCN2008 07 - Stripped Tail Rest  DSCN2003 08 Stripping Bottom Cloth DSCN2510 09 Stripped Bottom DSCN2016

Fixing latches:

10 Fixed latch DSCN2015

Preparing the cardboard strips to which the cloth (fake fur) for the sides is glued:

11 Cardboard  Strips for sides DSCN2011 12 Making the Lid Sides DSCN2518 13 Gluing the Lid Sides DSCN2595

Shaving the excess ‘fur’ off in preparation for the gluing:

14 Shaving the Lid Sides DSCN2594 15 - Finished Lid Sides DSCN2596

Gluing in the fake fur:

16 Gluing in Bottom Cloth WP_20151127_002 17 Gluing in the Lid Sides DSCN2597 18 Gluing in the Lid Sides DSCN2598

All done – showing old and new material.

19 Comparing the Colours DSC_3335 20 Done Old and New DSC_3332

Ready for use again:

21 Completed DSCN2296 22 Completed DSC_3331